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1984 Fiber Stream – Replacing AC Gasket.

A couple of days ago, it was scorching, and we were running the ceiling air conditioner in our 1984 Fiber Stream. I was planning on hanging out in the camper this evening. Later in the afternoon, I went into the trailer and noticed the AC unit was dripping a considerable about of water.

After some quick research and talking to the previous owner, it was clear I probably needed to replace the AC gasket. I did remove the external cover and confirm that none of the drain holes were plugged. I removed several old wasp’s nests from the top unit.

After some quick research, I found several types of gaskets and based on this video, I decided to go with Steele Rubber single piece gasket.

Last night we got a lot of rain. Over the weekend I removed the carpet and padding, it was clear the AC unit has been leaking for a while. This morning the floor was very wet.

Replacing rv air conditioner gasket:

I opted not to follow this video!

Some photos of my current situation:

Steps to replace gasket.

  1. Disconnect power, including breaker.
  2. Remove inside cover.
  3. Take note of the tightness of the 4 bolts that hold the unit in place. They look awfully tight, but I want to be aware of how tight they are now.
  4. Loosen 4 bolts.
  5. Mark and disconnect the wires.
  6. Push the AC unit up and slide to the side, so I can go up on the ladder and bring the unit down to the ground.
  7. Inspect the roof for holes or cracks – part of a bigger project to fix and repair small holes in the roof.
  8. Mark and remove the old gasket. Clean the surface.
  9. Install a new gasket.
  10. Reinstall AC Unit.

Weeks later, after a bunch of rain, I am happy to report no more leaking from the AC unit! If I had to do this again, I would get another person to help. The unit is heavy and awkward to safely move off the roof solo.