Resealing the Windows

I noticed some water in the shower after a rain. At first I assumed it was from some pin holes on the roof. That will be another project.

Upon further inspection, I think the water was coming from a leak in the rear window. My old friend google informed me that RV windows should be resealed every so often. I also learned Butyl Tape seemed to be the best product to use as a replacement sealant. So I measured all the windows and ordered what I needed from Amazon.

A couple of helpful videos for resealing the windows:

So here are some images of the water and leak:

  • bathroom_outside
  • bathroom_outside_close
  • bathroom_outside_top
  • bathroom_frame_old_sealant
  • bathroom_outside_no_window
  • bathroom_outside_clean
  • bathroom_window_frame_clean
  • bathroom_outside_pretrim
  • bathroom_inside_noFrame
  • bathroom_outside_pretrim2
  • 2nd_window_old_seal
  • 2nd_window_old_seal2
  • front_window_old_seal
  • side_no_window
  • side_window_new_seal_pretirm_close
  • side_window_new_seal_pretirm_close2

I ended up resealing all 5 windows. I need to let the sealant settle in and the go and trim the excess butyl sealant. I also replaced all the screws with new stainless steel screws. It was a lot of work to clean the old sealant off the frames and fiberglass siding. A scraper, elbow grease and acetone did the job.

I will update this post with some photos once I trim and clean the excess sealant.

  • Finished resealed Window.
  • Finished resealed Window.
  • Finished resealed Window.2
  • Finished resealed Window.

1984 Fiber Stream – Replacing AC Gasket.

A couple of days ago, it was scorching, and we were running the ceiling air conditioner in our 1984 Fiber Stream. I was planning on hanging out in the camper this evening. Later in the afternoon, I went into the trailer and noticed the AC unit was dripping a considerable about of water.

After some quick research and talking to the previous owner, it was clear I probably needed to replace the AC gasket. I did remove the external cover and confirm that none of the drain holes were plugged. I removed several old wasp’s nests from the top unit.

After some quick research, I found several types of gaskets and based on this video, I decided to go with Steele Rubber single piece gasket.

Last night we got a lot of rain. Over the weekend I removed the carpet and padding, it was clear the AC unit has been leaking for a while. This morning the floor was very wet.

Replacing rv air conditioner gasket:

I opted not to follow this video!

Some photos of my current situation:

Steps to replace gasket.

  1. Disconnect power, including breaker.
  2. Remove inside cover.
  3. Take note of the tightness of the 4 bolts that hold the unit in place. They look awfully tight, but I want to be aware of how tight they are now.
  4. Loosen 4 bolts.
  5. Mark and disconnect the wires.
  6. Push the AC unit up and slide to the side, so I can go up on the ladder and bring the unit down to the ground.
  7. Inspect the roof for holes or cracks – part of a bigger project to fix and repair small holes in the roof.
  8. Mark and remove the old gasket. Clean the surface.
  9. Install a new gasket.
  10. Reinstall AC Unit.

Weeks later, after a bunch of rain, I am happy to report no more leaking from the AC unit! If I had to do this again, I would get another person to help. The unit is heavy and awkward to safely move off the roof solo.

Fiber Stream – Canopy

Our 1984 Fiber Stream has a Fiesta – Carefree of Colorado canopy.

I had to watch some YouTube videos to figure out how to open them and set up the canopy. It was pretty clear that it had not been used for some time. The canopy itself was pretty dirty and a lot of mildew.

I had to cleaned the handles, which push a holding pin out into the rail. The pin was not coming out, but after cleaning with WD-40 and working them open and closed, the handles and pins started work well.

There are support rails, that have a knob with a bolt, that should loosen to extend the rails into place and then tighten to hold the rails and provide support. The knobs were completely seized and would not turn. In fact, one bolt snapped when I try to turn with pliers. I found these replacement knobs. I found a video on YouTube that shows how to install the new knobs.

Once I had a functioning canopy, I wanted to clean it. I did some research and ended up getting some LA Amazing Cleaner (yellow). I picked up a mop that also had a scrub brush. I applied the cleaner on top and bottom of the canopy and then closed the canopy for about 15 minutes. I think processed to scrub and scrub the canopy. After rinsing with water, I repeated the cleaning process. It’s not perfect, but is it remarkably cleaner.

Finally I wanted to protect the cleaned canopy. I researched puchasing a cover, but they were really expensive. I came upon this video:

A quick trip to Home Depot for plastic drainage pipe, I cut to size, cut a slit, and sanded the edges smooth. It was a little tricky to open the pipe and get it on, but it makes an excellent tight cover.

Canopy with Cover
Canopy with Cover

My wife ordered a roll of repair tape. We will remove the tape that is falling off and put on the new tape. Update to come.

Overall, I am pleased with canopy and the work we did to get it functioning.

1984 Fiber Stream

We purchased a 1984 Fiber Stream travel trailer from a friend.

In general, it was in decent shape, but needs a little TLC. I thought I would try to document our work on this project here.

  • 1984 Fiber Stream
  • 1984 Fiber Stream
  • Fiber Stream Canopy
  • Fiber Stream in door view
  • Fiber Stream beds

I have a long ongoing list of items I want to work on.

I joined – it has a tone of great resources and information.

Door Seal

Previously had some leaking. A newer gasket has been placed, but it is not correct or high quality. I found some really nice replacement gasket.
SteeleRubberProducts – ORDERED 2/27/20

Tires, wheels, brakes

Currently the trailer has 4 mismatched older tires. I don’t know what is the right thing. I do not think cheap tires are a good idea. I am not sure if radial or biased tires are better for this trailer. I reached out to the folks at etrailer and the reccomended these: – I don’t plan on it moving in until spring, so I will continue to research, but these look good.

Hub buddy – I would like to pull the wheels apart, clean and regrease. I would also add some hub buddies.

Brakes – not currently used. Do I need them? Can I repair, fix or test current? I will need to inspect and research more.

battery charger – I should get a trickle charger for the winter. I also need to test the condition of the battery.


Currently carpeted and there is a soft spot by the door, from the previously mentioned leaking. We are looking at replacing carpet with:


Clean – Awesome Cleaner Dollar General – yellow
Magic Eraser mop
sprayer with hot water

Make cover

Pin handle $24 – note I cleaned the current ones and they seem to be working.

Tension knobs – Ordered and installed – amazon. These work great.

Need to 3D print new Weeps
If I have to reseal – Butyl Rubber

AC Unit
AC works, needs to be cleaned.
Started leaking inside.
Duo-therm 55908-041
new gasket? confirm 14 x 14 – ORDERED 8.27.20

Hitch – ordered, received – adjustable, should make a huge difference on how this tows. and

Leveller Jacks – Ordered. I need to look for a decent bottle jack. The current one leaks oil and slips. This will be helpful for leveling the rear right driver’s side where the drains are located.


Bubble window replacement—smoke-87035.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1qL6BRCmARIsADV9JtY7ryo9RhauC1MtMRVpK56nqo_OReVu6gZ6um5-uMtTbOCC99mLj_EaAv_gEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Mindfulness for People Who Are Too Busy to Meditate

Mindfulness for People Who Are Too Busy to Meditate

You will notice that by regularly practicing this micro-meditation you will become more aware and more calm. By practicing this regularly you will train yourself to be more and more mindful, and increasingly calm and focused. You can create reminders for yourself to practice these meditations two-to-four times a day; every hour or so; or before you go to a meeting — whatever is feasible. You can also use them on an ad-hoc basis to prepare for a meeting or a presentation, when you are stressed, or when multi-tasking is eroding your concentration.  Micro-meditations can put you back on track, an help you develop your mindfulness muscle.

via Mindfulness for People Who Are Too Busy to Meditate – Harvard Business Review.

Try to be kinder.

It’s a little facile, maybe, and certainly hard to implement, but I’d say, as a goal in life, you could do worse than: Try to be kinder.

I am sitting up at the lake on my last day of our annual week long vacation.  I am feeling a little melancholy.  It’s hard enough to relax and get in vacation mode, then once you do, you have to get back to reality…  I look across the lake and the fog is rolling out, I figure I should take a picture.  So I step outside, trying not to get the dogs all worked up, and as I raise my phone to take a photo, suddenly an eagle that has been hanging out in the tree in front of our place swoops down and in front of me.  As I probably did to him (or her), he startled me.  It was wonderful.  Peaceful.


I quietly returned to the cabin and sipped my coffee.  I scanned Facebook and saw a post – that two my friends had shared.  I read it.  It startled me.  It was wonderful.  That empty scary feeling of having to return to the reality of life after vacation, suddenly was filled.  Saunder’s speech inspired me.  I guess I fall into the category of being older, but there is still plenty of room for me to be kinder.  I had recently made a career move.  I don’t regret the move at all, but his speech somehow made me feel like I had made the move for the right reasons.

Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial.

So maybe instead of today being the last day of my vacation, it is the first day of conscientiously trying to be kinder.

You can read the entire piece The New York Times did about Saunder’s Advice to Graduates here.

Here’s to Longer Goodbyes

Life deals you all sorts of cards, this article is great reminder to keep it all in perspective.  Take a couple minutes and read the entire piece.  I grabbed Mike’s list of what he’s learned after dealing with cancer for 4.5 year and having it hanging on my wall at work:

1. We’re all temporary. We have to enjoy people and allow them to enjoy us, before it’s too late.

2. One question should determine any given day’s activities: On my deathbed, will I be happy I spent time doing this?

3. Work-life balance is a false choice. It’s all life. If you suffer at your job, get a new job. If you can’t, get a new attitude. And if your principal complaint is the people you live or work with, see number one.

via Here’s to Longer Goodbyes | Mike Lescarbeau.

Rick Rubin on Crashing Kanye’s Album in 15 Days

At first I was leary of the is article because of all the hype around Kanye – but it has very little to do with him.  Well worth the read.  This gives you some insight on Rick Rubin and his process (if you want to call it that.)

Favorite quotes:

People are willing to get short-term gains at the risk of long-term choices.


…art is not a quarterly business.


My first credit was “Reduced by Rick Rubin.”

Favorite story:

What do you remember most vividly about working with Cash?

On our first album, there was a song he wrote, I can’t remember which one it was, but I listened to it and said, “Do you think you could take some of the ‘I’s and ‘me’s out of it?” And he thought about it and he was like, “Yeah, I think I can do that.” And he did. So 10 years later, I’m visiting him in Nashville. He’s in a wheelchair. He’s blind, pretty much. It felt so awkward. So I said, “What have you been working on lately?” And he said, “I’ve been working on using ‘I’ and ‘me’ less.” And I said, “Really?” And he said, “Yeah. Remember? You gave me that comment on the song? That’s what I’ve been working on.” Incredible. He didn’t mean it in the context of songs. He meant it in the context of life.

Good read the article.

via Rick Rubin on Crashing Kanye’s Album in 15 Days – Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

I love search advertising.

I said it.  I will say it again, I love search advertising.  Okay, well I love it when it is unique or when agencies and brands figure out a way to stand out in search.  I don’t know what the relevance of banners  but I know I rarely pay attention to them.  Obviously when a brand does something that stands out or catches your attention it works.  Two of my favorite examples Volkswagen  and Converse (see the examples below) not only stand out but do so in way that is very true to each brand’s voice.


Photo Source: The Inspiration Room
















The SEA Team, a group of graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Amsterdam, recently developed the concept of SEA (Search Engine Advertising), taking Google’s Search Engine Optimization to a whole new level. They came up with a way to place a complete ad for Volkswagen in the image search results. The VW Passant Variant is presented as the ultimate business car using images from separate urls,,,, and

via Volkswagen Search Engine Ad | The Inspiration Room.