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Fiber Stream – Canopy

Our 1984 Fiber Stream has a Fiesta – Carefree of Colorado canopy.

I had to watch some YouTube videos to figure out how to open them and set up the canopy. It was pretty clear that it had not been used for some time. The canopy itself was pretty dirty and a lot of mildew.

I had to cleaned the handles, which push a holding pin out into the rail. The pin was not coming out, but after cleaning with WD-40 and working them open and closed, the handles and pins started work well.

There are support rails, that have a knob with a bolt, that should loosen to extend the rails into place and then tighten to hold the rails and provide support. The knobs were completely seized and would not turn. In fact, one bolt snapped when I try to turn with pliers. I found these replacement knobs. I found a video on YouTube that shows how to install the new knobs.

Once I had a functioning canopy, I wanted to clean it. I did some research and ended up getting some LA Amazing Cleaner (yellow). I picked up a mop that also had a scrub brush. I applied the cleaner on top and bottom of the canopy and then closed the canopy for about 15 minutes. I think processed to scrub and scrub the canopy. After rinsing with water, I repeated the cleaning process. It’s not perfect, but is it remarkably cleaner.

Finally I wanted to protect the cleaned canopy. I researched puchasing a cover, but they were really expensive. I came upon this video:

A quick trip to Home Depot for plastic drainage pipe, I cut to size, cut a slit, and sanded the edges smooth. It was a little tricky to open the pipe and get it on, but it makes an excellent tight cover.

Canopy with Cover
Canopy with Cover

My wife ordered a roll of repair tape. We will remove the tape that is falling off and put on the new tape. Update to come.

Overall, I am pleased with canopy and the work we did to get it functioning.