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Fallon Hotdish


The Brief:

Increase Fallon’s Digital IQ.  In the spirit of Fallon’s outsmart, not outspend philosophy – help create and share information about what is happening both in digital arena and in our clients’ categories.

We created a series of WordPress Blogs and recruited key people to generate content.  The blogs send a digest of the latest articles to your inbox.  The blogs which became known as The Hot Dish – or inside information on a particular client’s category – quickly became daily reading for Fallon employees and clients.  We created secure versions of the Hotdish for new business pitches.  They became the central information store for: competitive, industry and client news.

When you wanted to know the latest on what was happening in the automotive industry, The Ignition hotdish blog had it.

What is trending in digital – read Bytes.

These searchable, rich media blogs became the primary way to share knowledge with co-workers and clients without overflowing or getting lost in your inbox.

Role: Strategist, Creative Technologist, Producer.