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ATS vs The World


The Brief:

The ATS is unlike any car Cadillac has ever made—it’s smaller, lighter and more agile. It symbolizes a new chapter for this iconic brand, and was literally built from the ground up to go head-to-head with the world’s best luxury sport sedans.   Fallon took this American car on an adventure around the globe to prove it could compete with the world’s best.  We needed to create digital destinations where users could watch this global adventure unfold.

We partnered with Firstborn to develop a site that would hold all the rich content that was created on this global adventure.  We partnered with ThisMoment to create a custom YouTube Channel and Facebook Tab that allowed users to view and share the video content.

Fallon also brought this global adventure to four US cities via a 3D chalk art and augmented reality experience.  We partnered with a company specializing in mobile augmented reality events, GrandDesign Media Services.  Then we enabled users to drive the new Cadillac ATS on these stunning 3D Chalk representations of the four global destinations that had challenged the ATS in our campaign.

Role: Technical Director

View a sample of the ATS vs The World site and Custom YouTube channel:





















View the 3D Chalk Art / Augmented Reality Experience

visit ATS vs The World.

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