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The brief:

Focus groups feel old and stale, cost a lot, and take too much time to do.  Our planners wanted to a tool that was fast, cost effective and could easily be shared.

Role: Strategist, Creative Technologist, Producer.

We came up with BrandTube™.

By combining man-on-the-street style interviews with technology we were able to develop an entire process and technology tool that allowed our planners to create fast and engaging consumer insight videos.  First they came up with a hypothesis, then worked with us to identify a target audience. We armed our street teams with provocative questions and within days had digitized content.  Each individual response was keyword tagged.  We were then able to mix and search for responses based on those tags.  That allowed us to create custom dynamic playlists of video responses that could be shared.

Here is the promo video for BrandTube™ 10 months after we launched it:

From Fallon’s website:

BRANDTUBE™ is a proprietary, built-from-scratch research application and practice that lets us get to insights faster. It’s designed to handle anything from big brand re-construction and product innovation to workshops and creative inspiration. It marries the best of traditional research techniques with the speed and flexibility of the digital world we live in today.

Our BRANDTUBE™ team hits the streets with an investigative-reporter-attitude and highly provocative questions. The practice leverages contextual targeting to capture genuine responses in environments where real people actually work and live. It is adaptable to any audience and brand, an ample tool in the constant search for an “in.” It can be the spark for inspired strategic and creative thinking. With BRANDTUBE™ we get to fresher insights, sharper strategies and more effective work.