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Caprica Open Mic

The brief:

The Syfy channel was just about to launch a Battlestar Galactica spin-off series Caprica, and they wanted to engage with the large fan base in a new way.

Role: Strategist, Creative Technologist, Producer.

Battlestar Galactica had a large Facebook fan base and the conversation was already building about Caprica.  We created Caprica Open Mic.  A Facebook Application build on the Fallon-created BrandTube™ technology.  Open Mic launched a weekly forum for Caprica actors to connect directly with the fans by posting topical questions and capturing fan responses via web cam or video upload. Responses were  reviewed and a set of nine were chosen and compiled into a single video and posted back to Facebook.

Here is Alessandra Torresani, one of the stars of Caprica, explaining how Open Mic works:

Here is a how-to video for Open Mic demonstrating how share a video response using your web camera:

Fallon was contacted by the US Congress with interest in using the Open Mic platform as a tool for Congress representatives to engage with their constituents.