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Fallon Creative Library


The Brief:

Reduce the time and cost  for reprints, dubs requests and studio requests for retrieving finished work.

I partnered with the Head of Project Management and Head of Production to develop a digital asset library system that would become a workflow for Fallon’s production and project management teams.  It housed assets, job reports and all metadata about a project.  It was used to view work, complete award show entries, educate new team members and create new business reels. The creative library became the goto resource for information.  This might sound like common sense for an agency to have but wasn’t in 2005 when we built this system.

Description of the FCL from the upload manual:

The Fallon Creative Library (FCL) is a globally accessible, long-term digital archive that contains all finished Fallon print, OOH and broadcast creative. Whenever there’s a need for an asset (for new business, award show entries, presentations, internal briefings, PR, fallonet,, etc.), it can be easily accessed, viewed and downloaded from the FCL.

Role: Technology Architect, Strategist, Producer.



Fallon Creative Library, 2005.

Here is a link to FCL upload manual PDF

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