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H & R Block Dynamic Messaging Banners

hrb banners

The Brief:

H&R Block serves up thousands of banners every tax season, they want to be able to quickly optimize banner messaging based on weekly feedback throughout tax season.

My team created a tool to create dynamically served messages.  At the beginning of our planning season we meet with creatives and determine what aspects of the banners will be dynamic – typically Header, Sub-header and Call-To-Action – then we built empty shell SWFs files and loaded them into our banner maker tool.  Using a simple web interface we are able to populate the tool with content and define compositions.  QA and clients are able to view the dynamically created banners, once approved we export to XML and send to traffic.  This is our third year creating, optimizing and trafficking dynamic banners for H&R Block.

Role: Technical Director

Excerpt from Fallon Digital reel hi-lighting H&R Block’s banners:

Walk through of the banner builder tool: