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H & R Block: Never Settle For Less


The Brief:

Create online destinations where consumers can learn more about the real people they were introduced to in our TV commercials.  Generate awareness in social  media to both recuit and also extend campaign messaging.

In 2011 our creative team went to Greenback, TN and the Nickel Diner in Los Angeles to give people a free H & R Block 2nd Look.  H &R Block Tax Pros reviewed previous year taxes for individuals, found errors and got them money back.  Their individual stories were unique and compelling.  We created for consumers to go and learn more about the the people from Greenback and the Nickel Diner that received tax refunds.  Through these documentary-style stories consumers learned about H &R Block and how their tax professionals were not going to allow you to settle for less than you deserved when it came to your taxes.

In 2012 we took the 2nd Look campaign to the next level and offered free 2nd Looks to all of Detroit, MI.  We created a recruitment site that educated individuals about the 2nd Look program and enabled them to sign up to participate.  A targeted social and traditional media plan drove the people of Detroit to our site. .  Once again we created a destination for consumers to further explore what they saw on TV.  We created Detroit Money City on Facebook.  Consumers could learn the back stories to all the individuals in our TV spots.  We also curated and shared consumer’s own success stories.

Role: Technical Director, Strategy, Creative Technologist.

Case study video for 2011 Greenback & Nickel Diner

Case study video for 2012 Detroit Money City




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