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1984 Fiber Stream

1984 Fiber Stream Thumbnail

We purchased a 1984 Fiber Stream travel trailer from a friend.

In general, it was in decent shape, but needs a little TLC. I thought I would try to document our work on this project here.

  • 1984 Fiber Stream
  • 1984 Fiber Stream
  • Fiber Stream Canopy
  • Fiber Stream in door view
  • Fiber Stream beds

I have a long ongoing list of items I want to work on.

I joined – it has a tone of great resources and information.

Door Seal

Previously had some leaking. A newer gasket has been placed, but it is not correct or high quality. I found some really nice replacement gasket.
SteeleRubberProducts – ORDERED 2/27/20

Tires, wheels, brakes

Currently the trailer has 4 mismatched older tires. I don’t know what is the right thing. I do not think cheap tires are a good idea. I am not sure if radial or biased tires are better for this trailer. I reached out to the folks at etrailer and the reccomended these: – I don’t plan on it moving in until spring, so I will continue to research, but these look good.

Hub buddy – I would like to pull the wheels apart, clean and regrease. I would also add some hub buddies.

Brakes – not currently used. Do I need them? Can I repair, fix or test current? I will need to inspect and research more.

battery charger – I should get a trickle charger for the winter. I also need to test the condition of the battery.


Currently carpeted and there is a soft spot by the door, from the previously mentioned leaking. We are looking at replacing carpet with:


Clean – Awesome Cleaner Dollar General – yellow
Magic Eraser mop
sprayer with hot water

Make cover

Pin handle $24 – note I cleaned the current ones and they seem to be working.

Tension knobs – Ordered and installed – amazon. These work great.

Need to 3D print new Weeps
If I have to reseal – Butyl Rubber

AC Unit
AC works, needs to be cleaned.
Started leaking inside.
Duo-therm 55908-041
new gasket? confirm 14 x 14 – ORDERED 8.27.20

Hitch – ordered, received – adjustable, should make a huge difference on how this tows. and

Leveller Jacks – Ordered. I need to look for a decent bottle jack. The current one leaks oil and slips. This will be helpful for leveling the rear right driver’s side where the drains are located.


Bubble window replacement—smoke-87035.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1qL6BRCmARIsADV9JtY7ryo9RhauC1MtMRVpK56nqo_OReVu6gZ6um5-uMtTbOCC99mLj_EaAv_gEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds