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People are willing to get short-term gains at the risk of long-term choices.
Art is not a quarterly business.

I said it. I will say it again, I love search advertising. Okay, well I love it when it is unique or when agencies and brands figure out a way to stand out in search.

I often hear about the lack of time or budget for mobile to be considered when rolling our new projects. Clearly it is time to shift and take the lead from consumers – if “the average Londoner is checking their phone 150 times a day” it time to ensure your project or presence is available to the customer in a well thought out way they can easily consume.

A great simple idea. See your photos through the filter of Ray Ban Ambermatic Lenses. A smart digital meets analog execution.

People are using mobile technology to get things done. Are your banners in their way? 40% of mobile banners are clicked unintentionally. Here is some insight on what banners used to be and what they are now.