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Resealing the Windows

old sealant

I noticed some water in the shower after a rain. At first I assumed it was from some pin holes on the roof. That will be another project.

Upon further inspection, I think the water was coming from a leak in the rear window. My old friend google informed me that RV windows should be resealed every so often. I also learned Butyl Tape seemed to be the best product to use as a replacement sealant. So I measured all the windows and ordered what I needed from Amazon.

A couple of helpful videos for resealing the windows:

So here are some images of the water and leak:

  • bathroom_outside
  • bathroom_outside_close
  • bathroom_outside_top
  • bathroom_frame_old_sealant
  • bathroom_outside_no_window
  • bathroom_outside_clean
  • bathroom_window_frame_clean
  • bathroom_outside_pretrim
  • bathroom_inside_noFrame
  • bathroom_outside_pretrim2
  • 2nd_window_old_seal
  • 2nd_window_old_seal2
  • front_window_old_seal
  • side_no_window
  • side_window_new_seal_pretirm_close
  • side_window_new_seal_pretirm_close2

I ended up resealing all 5 windows. I need to let the sealant settle in and the go and trim the excess butyl sealant. I also replaced all the screws with new stainless steel screws. It was a lot of work to clean the old sealant off the frames and fiberglass siding. A scraper, elbow grease and acetone did the job.

I will update this post with some photos once I trim and clean the excess sealant.

  • Finished resealed Window.
  • Finished resealed Window.
  • Finished resealed Window.2
  • Finished resealed Window.