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Here’s to Longer Goodbyes

Life deals you all sorts of cards, this article is great reminder to keep it all in perspective.  Take a couple minutes and read the entire piece.  I grabbed Mike’s list of what he’s learned after dealing with cancer for 4.5 year and having it hanging on my wall at work:

1. We’re all temporary. We have to enjoy people and allow them to enjoy us, before it’s too late.

2. One question should determine any given day’s activities: On my deathbed, will I be happy I spent time doing this?

3. Work-life balance is a false choice. It’s all life. If you suffer at your job, get a new job. If you can’t, get a new attitude. And if your principal complaint is the people you live or work with, see number one.

via Here’s to Longer Goodbyes | Mike Lescarbeau.

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